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Our Testimonials

Super Spray Booms specializes in manufacturing efficient, lightweight, and high-quality Aluminum Booms and extensions. Our products are designed to meet the needs of farmers and agricultural professionals who demand only the best. Our satisfied customers have left numerous glowing testimonials, attesting to the quality and durability of our products.

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Adam Froese

Border Farms

"I am Adam Froese and I am the potato manager at Border Farms. I have spent time operating the sprayers. The Boyd Boom Extensions have been a great addition to our sprayers. They are lightweight and durable. The biggest advantage for us has been the ability to cover more acres with less tracks across the field, with no reduction in performance. Our operators can cover the same amount of ground in less time, allowing them to spend more time on other projects or get home to family sooner. It was a great purchase that has improved the bottom line."

Karl Lamb

B Lamb Farm

"I guess I didn't realize how well my Boyd aluminum boom has held up until I started shopping to update my sprayer. The boom has served me extremely well in the past 5 seasons. Reliable, durable, and strong are all words I would use to describe the boom. I love that the aluminum has stayed so clean and corrosion free. Whether drop nozzling, Y-dropping, late season fungicide application, or pre-plant burn down, this boom works as hard as I do. Ron really does go above and beyond to ensure that the customer is happy with his product, and when I'm in need of another boom, he'll be my first call."

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Mark Shaw

Allan K Shaw Inc.

"My name is Mark Shaw, we farm in Michigan. When we switched to 22” rows, we wanted a way to make the sprayers follow the planter passes better than a standard 120’ boom. Ron Boyd and I have worked on several boom projects over the years, the latest ones being a 4930 with a full 132’ aluminum boom and a R4030 with a factory 120’ that we switched to 132’. Both sprayer boom systems have worked flawlessly.  Both sprayers have better control also. The heavy factory booms no longer steer the machines. This made steering in narrow rows work much better. Between the machines operating better and addition width, we are covering more acres per day and doing a better job. We couldn’t be happier with the boom systems and working with Ron and his staff on these projects."

Randy Warner

Warner Enterprises

"Extremely happy with the strength of Boyd 120’ booms.  We have sprayed numerous large terrace and rough rolling fields, showing no signs of cracks or damage. We had 120’ (other company) booms that had cracks and damage the first week of use. The Quality of Boyd Booms is superior."

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