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80', 90', 100', 120', 66/132', 73/132'

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Industry Leading 2-Year Limited Manufacturing Warranty
3-Way Breakaway System
Exceptional Corrosion Resistant Hardware

Submitted by: Mike W., Ste. Anne, MB Canada - August 1, 2012


Yes these booms are definitely built to last and I believe we have and will continue to put them to the test for you. [A]ll in all though we are very impressed with the product you put out and also the effort to service us even with the international border in between. I do wish we could order your booms from the factory and also would like to be using the center rack that you build instead of John Deere rack and sometime in th future maybe we can look at going that route. Anyhow thanks for the great product, and maybe sometime we can have a tour of Boyd Ag.

Submitted By Fred B., April 29, 2020


We love our Boyd Boom, we bought our boom back in 2011 and have covered many acres with it including rough plowed ground at 10mph, it has not cracked or broken a weld on it.  Very reliable.  Have only had to replace the breakaway cables on it.     

Submitted by: Steve N., June 25, 2014


Working great. It is nice being able to go around the field the first time at 60' (can stay in planter tracks). Have it set up with 36 sections and auto boom height using Trimble controls..

What makes our boom so unique? The Boyd Boom design has evolved and is better than ever.


The Boyd Boom is lighter than its steel counterpart, while remaining just as robust. As the agricultural implements of today increase in size, the necessity of sprayers to follow suit has been addressed by prevailing grower-operator markets. The larger volume capacity and weight of the modern sprayer calls for a lighter—and wider—boom option. 


The advantages of the Boyd Boom are endless. Aside from the more obvious reasons of lighter overall sprayer weight, larger swath, increase in machine control, and better allocation of horsepower, matches up to planter tracks, reduces crop damage, the Boyd Boom further—and most importantly—cuts down on operation hours. Less hours on a machine allow the operator a significantly higher trade in value and less physical deterioration of equipment. 


Among the vast improvements incorporated in the Boyd Boom design, one is the manufacture of three bottom rails with fluted (integrated) tubing, extruded into an angle 'L' shaped design which makes it three times stronger. Fluted tubing is used through all three sections of the boom; primary, secondary and breakaway.


All hardware incorporated have been updated and is Armor Coat which is a proprietary coating utilizing the exceptional corrosion resistance of Magni 501 base coat with RIE 4010 top coat. The use of special stainless steel bushings assures trouble-free maintenance. All Fastening Hardware is SAE.



Cross 'x' Bracing construction at the mount of the primary section is yet another feature that makes the Boyd Boom durable. These extra reinforcing cross sections are on all large booms (120s & 132s).



The secondary is designed to accommodate the different nozzle applications for any sprayer on the market.This design was widened to allow for the use of special spray systems required by the numerous companies who apply agricultural chemicals.



The 3-Way pivoting Breakaway System is one of the many unique features of the Boyd Boom design. This breakaway has been built to specifications in order to handle the tip abuse all booms endure during long hoursin the field. The breakaway has the capability of flexing forward and backward (horizontal plane breakaway), as well as straight up (vertical plane breakaway). Such a simple design has allowed for a reduced number of parts,  consequently relieving the endemic amount of maintenance of the boom set up.


The Heart of the 3-Way Breakaway System is the simple but functional 'A' frame. This design has been used on the Boyd Boom and Boyd Extensions for a number of years, lending strong testament to the durable simplicity of the system itself.


Submitted By: Randy W.,  July 16, 2014


We are extremely happy with the strength of your 120' booms. We have sprayed numerous large terraces and rough rolling fields and it shows no sign of cracks or damage to the booms. We had 120' K&S booms previously and had cracks and damage the first week of use. The quality of your booms and breakaways are far superior and heavier than the K&S booms. Thanks for a great product.

Submitted by: Leo Koenn, March 29, 2011


We went to Howe, IN this afternoon and looked at their 125' booms. We were impressed. You have definitely beefed up the boom compared to the [other competitions]. We also had  along our JD salesman of the last 30 plus years, Mike Carnahan. This guys knows iron the boom. From the side and below it looks like angle aluminum and from the top it looked like pipe. We were there 15 minutes before we realized that they are a molded piece not angle welded to pipe. We are far enough north to appreciate that. Water and dirt can not get between the angle and the pipe to freeze and expand. The molded angle pipe (integrated tubing) and the mammoth top hook point were the talk on the 70 mile ride home.

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