Aluminum Boom Extensions

Submitted by: S.J., June 3, 2011


The 120' aluminum boom extensions that we purchased from you are flawless and I couldn't be happier with them.

John Deere Extensions

I20' Aluminum Boyd Extensions

Available for John Deere Models: 4720 (2006 & newer), 4730 & 4830


The design of the extension was based on the same principle as our booms to allow the breakaways to be longer as most customers wanted the additional length. So, we have a 21' section and a 8'.5" breakaway. With this configuration, the extensions will require new stainless steel tubing and nozzle bodies. 


  • The extensions can be reused in the event of an upgrade to a new John Deere machine                 (should John Deere change their design a replacement bracket may be required).

  • Modifications can be made to meet either a slightly longer or shorter length of extension.

  • The use of eccentric bushings with two adjustable set screws allow leveling of the outer section.

  • 3-Way Breakaway System

  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

  • Stainless Steel Plumbing: (High & Standard Flow)


Submitted By: J.B., September 29, 2012


Extensions are working very well. I don't want to jinx them but they have been flawless this season...We would definitely buy again.

120' & 132' Aluminum Boyd Extensions
Available for R Series John Deere Machines
We now offer 132' John Deere extensions designed to take your 120' boom on your R Series John Deere sprayer to 132'. Also available are 120' R series extensions to take your 90' or 100' to 120'. Powder Coated green. Please give our office a call for more details.
60/100' and 60/108' Aluminum Boyd Extensions
John Deere Replacement Extensions available for the following models:
4720 (2006 & newer), 4730 & 4830
In the event you damage your outer tips of your booms or just want our 3-Way Breakaway System, these extensions are a perfect replacement. Just like the 120' extensions, they are installed at the 60' mark. Modifications to this extension can be made to a slightly longer length if needed. Please contact us for details.

Need assistance installing your extensions.

The guide along with a parts guide is now available for your convenience. If the part you are looking for is not seen on the parts list, please contact our office for more assistance. 800-637-7884

Z-Fold Boom
Case Extensions
Beginning June 2015 - Boyd Ag will offer 120' Aluminum Case Extensions. These extensions are designed to fit most Case Sprayers with a fold over the top boom and are installed at the 60' mark, just like our JD Extensions.
Rogator Extensions

 Now Available:  120' & 132' Rogator Extensions

Please call for details

(available for certain models)



A Return On Investment (ROI) is available for you. The investment of our

120' extensions will get you back in your planter tracks and improve your efficiency by 30%.


Take adavantage! It's FREE!


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