Telescoping Boyd Booms
T-150 Telescoping Boom


Picture any spray pattern imaginable and being able to spray with an infinite "variable-width boom" of 74' to 150', adjustable on the go! It's possible and its available. Set the boom width to what best suits your row spacing or field conditions. If needed, start a field "lop-sided" to stay on planter tracks for controlled traffic operations. Finish fields with no overlap, over application or missed strips. This spectacular structure is built to be carried by larger spray units. We recommend that this boom be paired with our Bobtail Center Rack to provide an exceptoinal spray system.



  • Built with 100% U.S. specifically engineered proprietary aluminum tubing, the booms weigh in at less than 1100 lbs per side.

  • The telescoping boom has our current 3-Way Breakaway System. This design allows the 8' tip to move up and back, up and forward, straight up and straight down. The benefits of the fore and aft movement are obvious, but the vertical travel is key. We again add to boom life and reduce boom stress by having the breakaway hinge design absorb sudden vertical stress loads.

  • The added cross bracing at the first Primary boom segment provides additional strength and stiffness.

  • Larger lifting lug side plates and a thicker top plate makes this Primary boom our strongest ever.

  • Our new '6-pack' pinch roller drive system replaces the endless roller chain that ran the length of the primary part of the boom in the past. This now drives the "secondary" boom in and out. The plastic wear pads have been eliminated and the boom travels on the urethane rollers with a much smoother operation and incredible speed of approximately 8 seconds from retracted to fully extended. That is unbelievable control at your fingertips when starting or finishing fields or spraying around obstabcles or near sensitive areas. 

  • We can reduce the destructive force of excess weight moment drasticallly. By adding a suspension system with a few inches of travel to the outer end of the primary boom, the secondary boom now "floats" inside the primary boom. Our T150 boom now behaves much more like a 60' boom. Boom stress is reduced, chassis stress is reduced and boom life expectancy is wildly increased.

  • By adding a next generation "Height Control System" to our boom and an actuator to the boom suspension in lieu of the mechanical dampeners, we will be able to flex our booms in the center as needed. This adds a whole new dimension to application accuracy. Spray height can be precisely maintained following field contours for much better "on target" product application and drift reduction while retaining all the benefits of the boom suspension system.

  • Plumbing is mounted from 2 piece hangers suspended from a centrally located bar allowing for universal placement of plumbing hangers providing greater nozzle placement options.

  • Spray nozzles do not extend below the boom structure providing added protection.

  • No Structural members below the spray nozzles means no obstructions to any spray pattern imaginable.

T-132 Telescoping Boom is now available! 

Hagie T-132 029.JPG

Hagie T-132 029.JPG

Hagie T-132 026.JPG

Hagie T-132 026.JPG

Hagie T-132 040_edited.JPG

Hagie T-132 040_edited.JPG

Hagie T-132 039-front view_edited-1_edited.jpg

Hagie T-132 039-front view_edited-1_edited.jpg

Boyd Ag is currently organizing and engineering additional options to the T-Series Model Booms. The design will encompass downsizing to 120’ edition (T120) and upsizing to a 160’ edition (T160).


The T-Series will still accommodate to the different spray patterns and all current planters. This will be more appealing to the commercial applicator; and just as the currently T150 does, the telescoping booms will reduce crop damages, reduce fuel costs and allow increased field speeds with more productivity.


Big advantage to customer and our dealers is the right and left boom are interchangeable. Thus, replacement parts are utilized on left and right booms, the nozzle mounting only changes on the primary. 

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