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Boom Hood Assemblies

Designed for Boyd Booms

by Willmar Fabrication, LLC


Self-Propelled Broadcast Retrofit Kit

Implementing spray drift reduction technology takes just minutes with the new SPK645 from Willmar Fab. The Redball® Gen II Broadcast retrofit hood kits mount with ease and are engineered to fit specific self-propelled sprayer models and booms. Spray when its optimal time for your field and get better coverage with the SPK645.

SPK645 Features


Kit includes Redball® Gen II Broadcast Hoods, mounting brackets, hardware to mount hoods on center section, and right and left primary boom


Initial installation takes approximately 10 hours 


After initial installation hood assemblies can be put on or removed in five minutes 


Hoods and mounts will not interfere with factory spray boom functions, folding or operation


Hoods allow for more effective spraying of field borders


Hoods utilize factory spray plumbing for ease of installation


Brackets engineered to fit specific sprayer model


Mounting brackets made from lightweight aluminum


Approximate weight 9lbs per foot


Redball® Gen II Broadcast Hood Features 


Field trials have shown that the new hood design helps limits spray drift up to 90% allowing for a more consistent and accurate chemical application


Spray nozzles are mounted inside the hood to protect the spray pattern from wind disruption, for better coverage 


Gen II hood is compatible with a range of spray tips including  AIXR and AI

Test conducted by University of Nebraska-Lincoln West Central Research and Extension Center, 2013

Information contained herein is for advertising purposes only and not intended to create any warranties.

*Please note this is not a complete list of compatible tips

The WF and Redball marks and "Put a Hood on Drift" are trademarks of Willmar Fabrication, LLC.

Always ready and follow chemical instructions. Follow state and local regulationse. 

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